The LSA UX Approach

A Better, More Secure User Experience (UX)

LSA's Digital Transformation services combine agile people with lean, scaled technology investments to provide better, more secure User Experiences (UX) and minimize full-lifecycle costs (including maintenance and operations). This approach delivers reliable, sustainable business and IT services “beyond the big Digital effort,” helping achieve long-term goals.

User Experience

Our Approach and Outcomes

User-Centered Research

Conduct research to accurately define the problem from the users’ perspectives.

Model-Based Solution Engineering (MBSE)

Use MBSE to explore solution alternatives and avoid infeasible suggestions.

Employee Experience Enhancement

Improve systems to increase employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Our Capabilities and Solutions

  • Process Assessment & Advisory

    Conduct thorough user research to understand and address pain points.

  • Enterprise-Level UX Alignment

    Align UX efforts with enterprise strategic goals for cohesive solutions.

  • Task-Level UX Optimization

    Conduct lean research to optimize specific products and business processes.

  • GQM Methodology

    Use Goals, Questions, Metrics (GQM) to align technology investments with user needs.

  • Agile Business Process Improvement (ABPI)

    Integrate ABPI to ensure seamless transition from research to solution design.

  • MBSE Solutions

    Utilize modern MBSE tools like ARIS and Alfabet to explore and validate solution alternatives.


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