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Improve Digital Business


We improve and integrate EA, BPM and Scaled
Agile/SAFe Solution Intent across people, practices and tools

Our Services


“Scaled Agility-first” focused service enhancements — including SAFe training and EA/BPM-powered improvements and integration of Solution Intent Repository practices and tools (e.g., JIRA-EA/BPM tool).


“Enterprise-first” focused service enhancements — including policy/GRC, technology, business reference architecture implementation: training, practices, and tool integration.


“Business-first” focused service enhancements — improving business/IT collaboration through modeling/analysis of business processes — enhancing agility, and providing better quality, governance and risk compliance.

What’s blocking you?

US Patent Pending #17/576,241

We can help improve your digital business agility-at-scale based on “where it hurts” — with the right combination of training, advisory, and tool implementation services.

Agility blockage

  • We take an agility-first approach to improve context & collaboration among product designers and developers, working within existing enterprise Risk & IT “constraints”.  This is typically a path selected by small line-of-business teams that are trying to “do something now”, gain some credibility, and increase engagement with enterprise Risk & IT.  The goal is to improve context during solution design among business/IT/Risk folks, for better collaboration — resulting in fewer blockers, higher quality/risk/security compliance, and better control of technical debt.  For this to happen, there needs to be measured improvements across EA/BPM and Scaled Agile (e.g., SAFe framework training & implementation).  It can be a big task trying to make these improvements at the same time, so our approach is to deliver incremental improvements over time, that can demonstrate real business value.

    Service Pack Bundles

    These are outcome-driven services that contain other  advisory, training and implementation services as needed.

    Plugin Services

    These can be delivered standalone or as part of a service pack bundle.


    Relevant structured training classes.  SAFe class registrations include exam fees.

Quality / GRC challenges

Cost control

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About LSA

Mike Idengren


LSA Principal & Founder

Hi, I’m Mike Idengren.  I lead Lean Scaled Architects to help organizations truly be able to combine EA, BPM and agility to scale and show results — not just with tools and practices, but building the right mix of teams to help sustain the benefits in the long term.  I work with partners from Software AG, Scaled Agile, and other trusted associates to help deliver EA/BPM and agile projects and training.

Outside of that, I enjoy making videos and podcasting, biking in Provincetown, Massachusetts and traveling as much as possible.