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Strategy & Governance Consulting

Transforming Your IT Services with Strategic, Agile, and User-Centered Solutions

  • Simply adding new technology won't solve business challenges—it needs to be part of a bigger picture. At LSA, we specialize in fitting platforms like ServiceNow into a comprehensive strategy that spans from executive governance to ground-level operations across the following disciplines: IT Service Mgmt, Strategic Portfolio Mgmt, and IT Operations Mgmt.

  • We conduct a comprehensive review of your operations, processes, and technologies to identify gaps against leading practices. Our actionable recommendations are tailored to your organization's maturity, enabling a smooth transition to digital practices.

  • We craft roadmaps that consider dependencies, capacity, and maturity. This strategic roadmap guides the development of tactical plans with actionable steps, ensuring a holistic approach prioritized for value and future-readiness.

  • We specialize in developing governance frameworks and lean digital leading practice processes. Integrating both people and technology is at the core of our approach, leading to improved decision making, enhanced accountability, and streamlined adoption.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    • Gap Analysis & Optimization Recommendations

    Roadmap & Planning

    • Implementation and Capacity Plan
    • Short/Mid/Long Term Roadmap

    Communications and Training Plan/Materials

    Governance & Process

    • Federated/Centralized Governance Models
    • Leading Practice Policies and Processes


Jim Baranoski, Director - Digital IT Service Mgt
Jim Baranoski, Director – Digital IT Service Mgt

Contact Jim to hear more about how you can accelerate Digital transformation with Digital IT Service Management!