Digital IT Strategy Advisory

Transforming Your IT Services with Strategic, Agile, and User-Centered Solutions

At LSA, we believe that simply adding new technology won't solve business challenges—it needs to be part of a bigger picture. Our focus is on developing a comprehensive Digital IT Strategy Advisory that spans from executive governance to ground-level operations. Leveraging enterprise platforms such as ServiceNow, we enhance strategic portfolio management, streamline service operations, and boost operational capabilities.

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Our Digital IT Strategy Advisory Approach and Outcomes

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Digital IT Assessment

Gain an unbiased understanding of your IT landscape to generate insights for digital optimization.

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Digital Operating Model

Develop a blueprint that ensures interoperability from executive governance to ground-level operations.

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Digital IT Governance & Process

Implement adaptive governance frameworks to respond to market changes and evolving customer needs.

Our Capabilities and Solutions

  • Comprehensive Digital IT Assessment

    Deep dive into daily operations and UX/CX practices to generate actionable insights.

  • Gap Analysis & Optimization Recommendations

    Identify gaps and provide prioritized optimization recommendations for IT services.

  • Blueprinting Digital Operating Models

    Develop tailored operating models to streamline workflows and reduce friction.

  • Adaptive IT Governance Frameworks

    Implement governance frameworks that enable rapid responses to market and tech changes.

  • Strategic Roadmap & Planning

    Create short, mid, and long-term roadmaps to guide IT strategy and execution.

  • Guidance and Training Plans

    Provide training and communication plans to accelerate digital practice adoption.


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    Mike Idengren 

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