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At LSA Digital, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your enterprise architecture, service management, and Agile project management solutions are fully optimized and integrated. Our “one-stop-shopping” approach means we teach, tailor, advise, consult, install, maintain, and support your entire tool stack. We specialize in ServiceNow, ARIS & Alfabet by Software AG, Jira, Jira Align, and Confluence by Atlassian and from Scaled Agile. From discovery to ongoing maintenance, we adapt quickly to changing needs, delivering rapid and responsive service to match your business dynamics.

We can help you with these EA, Agile, APM, and ITSM needs:


Comprehensive Tooling and Installation Services


Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to use tools effectively.


Provide customized solutions to fit your specific business needs.


Offer expert consulting to guide you through best practices and strategic decisions.


Ensure precise deployment and configuration of your tools for seamless integration.


Offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your tools running smoothly.


Provide continuous assistance to address any issues and optimize tool performance.

Analysis and Planning

Assessing tool performance, integration, and future developments.

Deployment and Configuration

Precise deployment, customization, and compliance assurance.

Support and Optimization

Ensuring adoption, proficiency, and continuous improvement.

Applications We Specialize In

Provides a cloud-based platform for IT service management (ITSM), automating and streamlining IT operations.

Improves service delivery efficiency, enhances user experience, and integrates IT workflows across the organization.
Offers a comprehensive tool for business process modeling, analysis, and optimization.

Enhances process transparency, improves operational efficiency, and supports compliance with industry standards.
Manages IT portfolios, aligning IT investments with business goals through strategic planning and roadmapping.

Increases alignment between IT and business objectives, optimizes IT resource allocation, and supports informed decision-making.
Facilitates agile project management and issue tracking, enabling teams to plan, track, and manage projects.

Enhances team collaboration, increases project visibility, and accelerates project delivery with agile methodologies.
Jira Align
Connects business strategy to technical execution, providing real-time visibility and alignment across all teams.

Ensures strategic alignment, improves coordination between teams, and delivers insights for better decision-making.
Acts as a collaborative workspace where teams can create, share, and discuss projects and documents.

Enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing, centralizes documentation, and improves productivity through streamlined communication.
Facilitates remote PI Planning sessions for Agile Release Trains, enabling seamless collaboration and coordination.

Enhances remote team collaboration, improves planning accuracy, and supports efficient execution of PI planning sessions.
Provides integrated agile planning and DevOps solutions for continuous delivery and operational efficiency.

Optimizes value streams, accelerates digital transformation, and ensures consistent delivery of high-quality software.

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