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SAFe Training & Coaching

Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe)

We deliver SAFe training and side-by-side coaching, for both small teams and large.  There are two levels of training and coaching available, based on the organization’s journey towards Scaled Agility:  Basic Scaled Agile training (tool-agnostic & role-specific) and Solution Intent Repository side-by-side coaching (tool-enabled, role-specific).

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Scaled Agile Training:  Tool-agnostic, role-specific

In the beginning, everyone involved in the effort should at least start with the basics: understanding the fundamentals of agility, such as time-boxing and backlogs (instead of massive gantt charts), and speaking the same language (e.g., “agile release train”).

Depending on the context of the transformation, different folks will need specialized training to help them deliver on their role expectations. For example, someone operating in a “scrum master” role will need to understand more specifics about what “servant leadership” means, and how to facilitate a cross-functional agile team. Technical folks operating in a system architecture role will need to understand how they can add value (“laying the architectural runway”), helping the teams deliver on solutions without flooding folks with “too much detail”. Folks looking to optimize the portfolio will ask “are we budgeting for the right things?” and “are we applying just enough governance?”, and yes — there is a specialized training just for them.

We deliver the Scaled Agile training in virtual or on-premise settings. Have a look at our SAFe training catalog — individuals can sign up for scheduled courses with a credit card, or send us a note to discuss group training for your company.

SAFe Coaching (Training & Day-to-Day use)

In addition to Scaled Agile training, it’s important to prepare for how folks (business and IT) will work together to design solutions. For small and/or less complicated solutions, this might simply involve white boarding (physical or virtual — e.g., MURAL), messaging platforms (e.g., MS Teams) and good old-fashioned phone calls.

However, for larger and/or more complex solutions, it gets more difficult to communicate, and programs tend to get “bogged down” in getting the right information to the right folks (read more in our article, Cut the Digital Transformation Chaos with Modern Architecture: Scale Up and Shift Left!). To help cut the chaos, we engage side-by-side with agile teams, especially helping to optimize collaboration with System/Solution/Enterprise Architects.  Results can be enhanced with setup of a right-size Solution Intent Repository, as part of our Agile EA/BPM Collaboration Pack services.

For more information on Solution Intent Repository training, please send us a note to discuss your situation!