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Meet with us during SAFe® Day Government 2024

May 8-9, 2024
Washington D.C.

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Booth #2


Agile Digital Transformation: Empowering Government Efficiency and Resilience

In today’s rapidly changing governmental landscape, adopting agile methodologies and leveraging digital transformation is crucial. LSA Digital specializes in providing comprehensive Digital Transformation services tailored for federal, defense, and other government agencies.

Join us at the LSA Digital booth to explore how our proven “Digital Formula” and expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) enhance public sector operations:

Enhanced Operational Agility

Adopting SAFe to increase responsiveness to changes and policy demands.

Improved Resource Management

Streamlining processes to optimize budget use and reduce waste.

Sustainable IT Services

Building resilient systems that support long-term governmental goals and compliance requirements.

Let’s Connect!

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LSA Digital is a proud supporter of the SAFe® Day Government 2024. Learn more about the event here:

Don't Miss Our Panel Discussion: Agile Government Workforce


Director – Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Management

  • Christian Merchant, NIWC LANT
  • Rodel Rivera, NIWC Atlantic
  • Kristin Ruiz, TSA

Our Partners

LSA partners with leading industry experts to offer comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions through a three-pronged approach:

We Fish for You:
Directly providing you with solutions.

Teaching You to Fish:
Empowering you with the skills to sustain growth.

Enhancing Vendor Capabilities:
Assisting your existing vendors to improve results.

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce
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