Retail Grocery – System Portfolio Analysis

  • Better, faster system portfolio investment decisions with EA method & tools

    • Client: Multinational grocer
    • Sector: Retail (grocery)
    • Project: Merger with US grocer

    Client challenge

    • Merger situation presented opportunity for application portfolio consolidation
    • Needed to identify overlapping system capabilities
    • Need to account for risks of “what could go wrong” with respect to operations and security

    Advisor insights

    When looking at application rationalization, determine two types of analysis were needed: (1) redundancy/overlap, and (2) 4-quadrant investment analysis (answering the question “which systems should we invest in, or eliminate?).

    Stakeholder interviews were invaluable to determine overall merger/consolidation context and challenges to set the context for a proper tool stack recommendation (prioritized key analysis areas, and systems of relevance).

    Using EA tools/infrastructure helped to “get started quickly” and get the team quickly off the ground. The EA tool was used to collected and normalized specific application information in a central repository, as well as to develop a baseline architecture (applications, capabilities, risks).

    The produced outputs, such as reports and graphs to depicting “how much redundancy is there” (i.e., spreadsheet) and “what should we do about it” (i.e., 4-quadrant analysis), were used to communicate the project results to the stakeholders that did not have access to the EA tool, and enabled them to provide feedback.

    Client results

    • Overview of the as-is applications in a structured inventory, including high-level decision-relevant data, such as cost or risk.
    • Redundant system identification in preparation of the merger’s key priorities.
    • Heat map as the “data-driven” basis for system roadmap creation.
    • Key system changes to prioritize “which processes get the most attention” first

    The Project

    As part of a merger initiative, we were asked to provide system portfolio rationalization recommendations based on custom client conditions – not just “general” factors, but industry- and client-situation-specific relevant analysis.

    We aligned best-practice metrics with those that were relevant for the merger initiative, using a professional tool based approach (ARIS by Software AG).  Results were produced that were audience relevant, providing key recommendations to retire or invest in specific systems.