Dual Case Study Post - Agile+UX+Process (blog pic 1200x617)

Let's say you’ve collected, scrubbed and mined process data, and have some better process intelligence. Maybe even Artificial Intelligence.  Fancy process mining tools might even help you flip some variables around and give some options.  

But now what? 

What you have is a process design on paper (digital paper, of course). What you don’t yet have, is actual Business Process Improvement.  The fact is, most processes still involve people, teams and departments…


… and for effective change, we have to bring people along with the process and technology changes.  For the best results, we should consider culture change and basic agility / UX practices, such as understanding “who” you are solving the process problem for, “what” pain points they have, and “how” to chunk, prioritize and solve the most important problems first.

Read our dual 2-page case studies below, or contact us to ask questions!


…we have to bring people along WITH PROCESS AND TECH CHANGES…


Mike Idengren, Principal Digital Architect
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