January 30, 2024

Podcast “What’s Your Baseline”

Mike Idengren, founder of Lean Scaled Architects (LSA), featured in “What's Your Baseline” podcast episode 6, shares his transition from software developer to enterprise architecture expert. His expertise in integrating business process management, enterprise architecture, and Scaled Agile forms the core of LSA's approach, enhancing efficiency and innovation. The episode provides insights into LSA's strategy in integrating these disciplines, particularly in government and public sector IT modernization.

One of Mike's notable contributions is the Lean Agile Blocker Index (LABI). This tool offers a new perspective on identifying and addressing challenges in agile transformation processes. LABI's approach reflects LSA's dedication to promoting agility and adaptability in complex organizations.

Listen to the episode here: Scaled Agile and Architecture – What's Your Baseline?