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Don’t start over from scratch – improve your existing Digital Transformation

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Lean Scaled Architects (LSA) Digital Transformation QA/Rescue services help existing, ongoing Digital Transformation efforts with better transparency, agility, strategy-to-execution alignment, and improved outcome-oriented contracting.

Typical Digital Problems

Existing Digital efforts can be off-track for many reasons, but it typically comes down to three root causes.

Big Bang Approach

Too heavy (“waterfall”) approach to “building too much” without delivering fast results


Miscommunication / uncertainty about progress towards reaching goals, and how money spent has helped get there.


Goal / objective misalignment and/or mis-prioritization with work “on the ground” 

FIX THE ROOT CAUSES Getting Back On-Track

Effective Digital Transformation needs more than just operating models and slide decks – it needs practical, prioritized execution, and leadership transparency into outcomes that are sustainable beyond implementation.

Targeted Improvements


For example, a targeted improvement can improve miscommunication / uncertainty about Digital goal achievement progress, where LSA provides better leadership transparency by deploying LSA’s GQM (Goals, Questions, Metrics) accelerator, facilitating and clarifying data needed to build automated dashboards to show on-demand progress against goals.

When it’s understood what progress (or lack of) is being made against goals, it’s time to hold contractors more accountable for outcomes. As a follow-up to LSA’s GQM accelerator execution to define the “metrics that matter”, LSA can help re-write Agile Contracts – that is, contracts that are more focused on incremental, chunked outcomes, rather than typical inflexible RFP type language.

… it's time to hold contractors more accountable for outcomes.

Major Overhaul

Don't Cancel the Whole Thing.

Broader improvements will help fix underlying “root causes” with ongoing efforts.  These remediations will typically deploy:

  • Agile Advisory & Enablement, improving processes, tools, techniques with side-by-side mentoring to move from a heavy traditional approach (delaying fast results) and/or ineffective prioritization of outcomes (frequently because of failure to understand underlying pain points and the most pressing User Experience issues).
  • A mix of Agile Enterprise Architecture and Lean Portfolio Management processes, tools and techniques and side-by-side mentoring to help clarify key roadmap/technology investment priorities needed to lay just enough “architectural runway” needed to deliver highest priority near term value
  • Digital IT Service Management and Governance to make key improvements needed to take a more service-led approach, which focuses on providing excellent (quality-assured) services for people who demand a better, more secure User Experience.

provide excellent  services for people who demand a better, more secure User Experience.

True Digital value needs more than just cloud, code and apps.

According to a KPMG survey of 400 US tech executives (2023), 51% have not seen increased performance or profitability from digital transformation investments.  According to a McKinsey global survey (2023), 45% of value is lost during target setting/planning, 35% is lost during implementation, and 20% is lost after implementation.

For “Big Digital Transformation” results — both during, and to be sustainable beyond implementation — a balanced formula can help make the technology work for us, instead of us working for the technology:

SOLUTION The LSA Digital Formula:

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The LSA Digital Formula makes improvements across key areas – helping people be more agile and leveraging lean, scaled technology investments that provide better, more secure User Experiences (UX) — while minimizing full-lifecycle costs (including maintenance and operations). This helps organizations deliver reliable, sustainable business & IT services “beyond the big Digital effort” – helping achieve goals over the long term.

At first glance, this is not unique. It is based on typical “people, process, and technology” approach, which has been around since the 90’s. The modern take on Digital Transformation is the injection of a secure UX and agility into everything we do, considering full lifecycle cost (not just “buying the software one time”). 


If Digital services aren’t secure, usable by people, and delivered in time to be relevant, then what is the point?

Focus on Better Services

Digital improvements need to be sustainable beyond implementation — so our focus should be on reliable, sustainable service delivery. 

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A business (or mission) service 

…is anything that is the “ultimate reason” our organization exists – for example, in the case of a smartphone manufacturer, to deliver smartphone products and features that delight for our customers, or (in the case of a warfighting research lab) effective weapons technology that is rapidly transitioned into the hands of the warfighter.

lsa Digital Formula_Info Tech Svcs

IT Services 

…are needed for Business services – for example, to help with administrative applications & technology (e.g., finance, HR, etc) and operational applications & technology (e.g., integrated modeling/simulation technology platforms for weapons design).

What we do Digital Transformation, Modernized

LSA’s key differentiator is the modernization of typical “people, process, technology” approach, by injecting agility and secure UX into its digital formula.

LSA makes improvements with a mix of assessment, advisory, training, side-by-side mentoring and full-service tooling. LSA delivers these improvements with tight, tool-automated integration between its services:

THE BENEFITS How we've done it

A Realistic, Scalable Path Forward
Realistic roadmaps recommend “just enough” lean-portfolio chunked investments – scalable for future growth and maturity.


LSA works with its key partners to design and deliver Digital outcomes as full-service transformation in three ways:


…rapid getting started services, including use of our Digital cloud tooling, as a fast “easy-button”


…as Agile / EA COE improvement within your own organization, and install / maintenance of your own Digital cloud tooling


…as QA/rescue of existing Digital efforts.

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How we get there 

Goals first  

First, it's important to understanding the goals (Objectives & Key Results – OKRs) of the organization to plan better mission/business, administrative and IT services for “real people” (internal or external) — 


…but better service delivery doesn’t happen overnight.  Culture change, processes, applications/technology, and IT service delivery improvements need an agile approach – experimenting, learning, and improving – at a sustainable pace. Roadmaps must be realistic and “value chunked” to prioritize the most important outcomes, to deliver the fastest value, which is where “Lean Portfolio Management” (LPM) and Agile Enterprise Architecture (Agile EA) come into play. 

The LSA Digital Approach

…answers the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How in cycles of Discovery, Roadmap Development and Transparent Execution:


Who & Why

Understand the organization’s goals, objectives, and typical user experience (UX) personas and pain points


What, When & How 

Define, value-chunk and prioritize key roadmap investments and architect/design a Digital future state


Who, How & Where

Change the way people work by using more agile processes, and leverage EA process/app/tech design tooling – with embedded dashboards for leadership transparency 

Case Study


Learn how LSA applied the Digital Formula in a DoD research agency to deliver and report live dashboard progress against Digital goals, or contact us below to get started on your journey!


Mike Idengren, Principal
Mike Idengren, Principal
Dani Linn, Director - Agility-at-Scale/LPM
Dani Linn, Director – Agility-at-Scale/LPM
Maurice Wilson, Director - Federal Services
Maurice Wilson, Director – Federal Services
Jim Baranoski, Director - Digital IT
Jim Baranoski, Director – Digital IT
Christo Lute, Director - Agile EA
Christo Lute, Director – Agile EA

Contact the LSA leadership team to hear more about how you can achieve realistic, transparent Digital outcomes.