Case Study: Low-Cost Business Process Improvement with Interns & Automation

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Business Process Improvement & Analysis / Intelligence

Regional Utilities + City & County Agencies

LSA AI-assisted BPM cloud technology

Case Study Summary

A municipal utility (Gainesville Regional Utilities) and other agencies needed to improve processes for better cost efficiency, clarify and prioritize application automation opportunities, and improve communication (both internally and with other municipal agencies).

Learn how a Business Process Management program was started for utilities, police, fire and general government — using a mix of full-time, consulting and intern labor.  It was so successful and cost effective that it expanded to the tri-county area, to make CCC (Combined Call Center) 911 dispatch improvements.  Example improvement metrics include:

  • 371% Return On Investment (ROI)
  • 149 days reduction wait time across City hiring process and Public Works
  • 97.92% 911 calls dispatched in less than 1 minute


Michael Idengren, Principal Digital Architect
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