Lean Portfolio Mgmt for Investment Planning

Streamline Investment Planning with Lean Portfolio Management

In every organization, there is at least one constant truth: everybody “demands” something, but there are never enough resources to go around. Many demands can be IT/operations focused and dispatched with a lean ITSM COBIT5 demand management process – but when investment is required, organizations typically hope that ‘crystal-ball’ forecasting questions were correctly answered.

Are you experiencing some of these pain points?


Our Approach and Outcomes

Integrated Digital Demand Formula

Connect lean IT Service Management (ITSM) planning with Lean Portfolio Kanban-style planning for responsive investment prioritization.

Value Stream Alignment

Focus on user experience to clarify value streams based on user needs and pain points.

Implementation – Integrated Tooling/Automation & People/Training

Utilize integrated tooling and automation for scalable, cost-effective execution.

Our Capabilities and Solutions

  • Lean ITSM Planning

    Connect ITSM planning with Lean Portfolio Kanban-style processes for responsive investment prioritization.

  • Agile Enterprise Architecture Alignment

    Align IT architecture with chunked business priorities for cohesive solution design.

  • User Experience Focus

    Clarify value streams based on user needs and pain points.

  • Participatory Budgeting

    Implement participatory budgeting to align investments with user/customer needs.

  • Integrated Tooling and Automation

    Utilize tools like ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira Align, Digital.AI, ARIS, and Alfabet for scalable execution.

  • SAFe® Training Courses

    Offer enriched SAFe® courses with real-world scenarios for effective training.

An organization struggled with misaligned investment priorities and changing business conditions impacting IT requirements.


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