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Landing – The Digital Formula

We can buy technology, but can employees and customers use it effectively?

True Digital value needs more than just cloud, code and apps – it needs secure, digital services that are usable by people.

What We Do

LSA delivers full-service Digital Transformation and QA / Rescue services for more effective use of technology.  We make improvements with a mix of assessment, advisory, training, side-by-side mentoring and full-service technology tooling. 

Foundation for Digital Excellence
Foundation for Digital Excellence
Starting Digital IT Ops
Initiate your journey with foundational ITSM tools and processes, setting the groundwork for scalable digital operations.
Elevating IT Service Management
Elevating IT Service Management
Scaling Digital IT Ops

Transition from project-focused tools to comprehensive IT service management, enhancing efficiency and oversight.

Empowering Agile Growth
Empowering Agile Growth
Starting People & Investment Planning

Kickstart with agile training and scale your teams and investments, adopting lean and agile practices for dynamic growth.

Harmonizing Teams and Goals
Harmonizing Teams and Goals
Scaling People & Investment Planning

Advance your project management capabilities to align teams across your enterprise, ensuring cohesive, agile operations.

Architecting Agile Solutions
Architecting Agile Solutions
Starting Digital Benefits

Design solutions in adaptable ‘chunks', allowing for flexible roadmaps and robust response to change.

Strategic IT and Business Alignment
Strategic IT and Business Alignment
Sustaining Digital Benefits

Move from optimizing business processes to managing comprehensive enterprise architecture, aligning IT with strategic business goals.

Addressing the Core Challenges

Despite launching with high hopes, many businesses find their digital transformation efforts falling short of the anticipated performance and profitability boosts, as highlighted by recent surveys from KPMG & McKinsey.


have not seen increased performance or profitability


of value is lost during target setting/planning


of value is lost during implementation


of value is lost after implementation

Embarking on a digital transformation journey offers vast opportunities but comes with its set of challenges. But what are the specific stumbling blocks you might encounter, and how can you navigate them?

Problem: Big Bang Approach

The ‘Big Bang Approach' often leads to overambitious projects that fail to deliver quick wins, resulting in stalled momentum and wasted resources.

Problem: Miscommunication

Frequent miscommunication about progress and investments can obscure the path to goals, creating uncertainty and frustration among stakeholders.

Problem: Misalignment

Misaligned or misprioritized goals compared to ground-level work can derail projects, wasting time and resources on non-essential tasks.


Our Methodology: The LSA Digital Formula

LSA's key differentiator delivers reliable, sustainable services beyond “the big transformation”, by modernizing the typical “people, process, technology” approach with better agility and secure UX.

Discover how LSA's Digital Formula transformed US Air Force Research Labs into a powerhouse of agile innovation in our latest case study — view to unlock the journey to digital excellence!

How We Do It

To make the journey, we emphasize people & agile thinking – experimenting, continuous learning, and continuous improvement for faster outcomes at a sustainable pace.

Discovery & Assessments: Who & Why

Understand goals, objectives & key results (OKRs), considering UX-researched personas & pain points

Roadmaps: What, When & How

Define, chunk and prioritize key roadmap investments and design a future state

Transparent Execution & Adjustments

Change how teams work to reflect “today's” ground conditions, and leverage automated Digital EA/process tooling with dashboards for leadership transparency.

Our Partners

LSA partners with leading industry experts to offer full-service Digital solutions, with options that fit you best:

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

We Fish for You

The “easy button” – rapid getting started services, using our Digital cloud tooling.

We Teach You to Fish

Training, tool config/maintenance and processes / COE to sustain your Digital benefits.

We Help Your Vendors

Help in-flight efforts deliver better outcomes, and QA / live dashboard transparency.

Meet Our Leadership Team

See our full team of experts, listen to our podcasts, or contact the LSA leadership team to hear more about how you can achieve better Digital outcomes.

Mike Idengren, Principal
Mike Idengren, Principal
Dani Linn, Director - Agility-at-Scale/LPM
Dani Linn, Director – Agility-at-Scale/LPM
Maurice Wilson, Director - Federal Services
Maurice Wilson, Director – Federal Services
Jim Baranoski, Director - Digital IT
Jim Baranoski, Director – Digital IT
Christo Lute, Director - Agile EA
Christo Lute, Director – Agile EA

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Landing – The Digital Formula
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