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Your Digital Transformation Doesn't Have to Fail

Get back on track and start seeing ROI. LSA has the expertise to turn your stalled digital initiatives into success stories.

Having these Issues?

We understand the roadblocks hindering your Digital Transformation's success:

Stalled Transformation?

Feeling weighed down? Overly complex, non-agile approaches lead to slow results and frustration.

Lost Direction?

Lost in the shuffle? Misaligned goals and priorities derail progress, leaving you unsure of how work translates to real impact.

In the Dark?

Flying blind? Lack of clear communication about progress, spending, and value leaves you in the dark about the true state of your transformation.

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Don't let digital transformation challenges hold you back. Contact LSA today to discover how we can help you achieve a successful, sustainable digital future.

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How LSA Can Help

LSA brings clarity and agility to your stalled digital transformation efforts. Our approach emphasizes:

Adaptable Design

Agile Enterprise Architecture: Build adaptable, strong systems ready for evolving business landscapes with agility.

Efficient Scaling

Agility-at-Scale/Lean Portfolio Management (LPM): Extend agile methodologies across your enterprise, driving lean and effective portfolio management.

Optimized Operations

Digital IT/Service Management (ITSM): Elevate your IT operations with enhanced service management for maximum efficiency.

The LSA Digital Formula:
Your Blueprint for Success

Our LSA Digital Formula is all about boosting your team's agility and making the most of leanscalable tech investments for a smoother, safer user experience (UX). We're here to cut down the total costs, including those high maintenance and operations expenses. With us, you'll get reliable, long-lasting business and IT services that keep delivering value well after the initial digital push.


How We Do It

LSA redefines the traditional approach to Digital Transformation by integrating agility and secure user experiences into every aspect of our Digital Formula.

Agility and Secure User Experience (UX)

Empowering Agility: We blend security with agility, enhancing user satisfaction and performance.

Sustainable Digital Improvements

Beyond Implementation: We focus on lasting digital success beyond initial setup.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

Holistic Transformation: Our holistic approach includes assessment, advisory, and hands-on support.

Our Partners

LSA partners with leading industry experts to offer comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions through a three-pronged approach:

We Fish for You:
Directly providing you with solutions.

Teaching You to Fish:
Empowering you with the skills to sustain growth.

Enhancing Vendor Capabilities:
Assisting your existing vendors to improve results.

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J-M Erlendson
I'm excited to hear more from the Digital Formula Podcast! The expert panelists deftly distill years of experience into manageable chunks, and I love how it provides a blueprint to build reliable and sustainable IT services! Can't wait for the next episodes!
Caspar Jans
The digital formula is a comprehensive podcast around the many aspects that make up a successful digital transformation. Let Roland and Mike take you through the complex landscape of digital challenges and solutions. Worth a listen!
Christoph Piller
The combination between theoretical outlines about important methods and the field of digital transformation and their practical implementation/usage makes this podcast a must-hear for anyone working in process management, business development, (IT-) project management, change management, ... so, actually a must-hear for everyone.
Lauresa Escribano
Executive Partner / IBM
...led efforts to design and deliver an outcome-driven 'Lean-Agile Center of Excellence', with early efforts focused on delivering training to hundreds of people...
Ahmad Yaghoobi
Senior Technical Fellow / Boeing
...worked to “connect the dots” between various Boeing organizations and improve EA value — delivering framework implementation, training, and application of standards..
Chad Bepple
Assistant Director for Enterprise Operations / IRS
Mike led a team to design a custom automated EA solution, enhancing audit transparency and identifying risks.

How We Get There

Goals First

Setting Clear Objectives: Understanding the organization's goals (OKRs) to better plan services for real people.

Think Agile for Faster Outcomes

Embracing Agility: Adopting an agile approach for culture change, process improvements, and faster, valuable outcomes.

The LSA Digital Approach

Comprehensive Strategy: Integrating Discovery, Roadmap Development, and Transparent Execution for a holistic digital transformation journey.

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Get Started Today: Reach out to embark on your Digital Transformation journey with us.

Schedule Your Assessment Today

Don't let digital transformation challenges hold you back. Contact LSA today to discover how we can help you achieve a successful, sustainable digital future.

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