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Digital Business is more than just software and circuits — it needs collaboration among diverse business, IT and risk/security experts to build customer-centric solutions that are desirable, feasible, sustainable, secure and compliant.  Lean Scaled Architects helps people collaborate with better context, by helping improve the right combination of Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, and Scaled Agile solution development capabilities.


how we help

…but better context in a scaled environment requires more than just Zoom meetings.  Teams in large programs frequently need access to “minimal but sufficient” business process and security/risk pre-approved technology documentation.  When that fails, developers rely on user stories & tests that might not reflect reality… causing risk/security requirements to “arrive late” because they weren’t well understood.  Expensive, time-consuming meetings frequently occur with busy SME’s to re-create processes and IT standards that should already be documented… and easily accessible.

typical BLOCKERS



We remove collaboration blockers by improving context, using a Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe) “Solution Intent Repository” approach.  This includes practices, training, and tool integration services to inject use of “minimal but sufficient” use of process models and risk/security/tech component modeling into the design process.  For example, a developer may pick up a user story from JIRA, link back to two referenced processes in an EA/BPM system, and see relevant risks, IT security controls, and related tech components, tests, and code samples — all without heavy documentation.


We deliver on our approach by offering three kinds of services:  In-depth Enterprise Architecture/Business Process Management improvement, Scaled Agile training/coaching, and time-boxed “scaled agility collaboration packs” that focus on outcomes, including the necessary mix of improved practices, training, and tool implementation / customization.

scaled agility COLLAB packs

Packages to improve service delivery speed, quality & risk – by improving EA, BPM, and / or SAFe practices, training, and tool(s) customization.

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EA/BPM Improvement 

Detailed EA/BPM services — e.g., process modeling/mining & app portf. mgmt — including dev/SDLC practices, training, and tool(s) customization.

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SAFe training & coaching

Scaled Agile training and side-by-side program delivery, with enhanced focus on business & IT/Risk collaboration improvement.



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Learn more about Digital Design & Sustainment —  leveraging SAFe, EA and BPM for better scaled agility: speed, quality (risk/security compliance) and long-term tech debt control.

Digital Design & Sustainment

Pt 1: Runway & Risk

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Meet Lean Scaled Architects & Partners

Mike Idengren LSA Principal & Founder

Hi, I’m Mike Idengren.  I lead Lean Scaled Architects to help organizations truly be able to combined EA, BPM and agility to scale and show results — not just with tools and practices, but building the right mix of teams to help sustain the benefits in the long term.  I work with partners from Software AG, Scaled Agile, and other trusted associates to help deliver EA/BPM and agile projects and training.  

Outside of that, I enjoy making videos and podcasting, biking in Provincetown, Massachusetts and traveling as much as possible.