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Federal Capability Statement

CAGE: 995P2 | UEI: EZ2KTA5FMSD4 | JCP: #87510

  • LSA delivers Digital Transformation services for more effective use of technology, but — to be sustainable after “the big effort” — true Digital needs more than just cloud, code and apps. 

    In addition to tech advisory, LSA helps people use tech for faster, agile value delivery — e.g., chunking / prioritizing work, improving / automating business processes, and providing leadership transparency with live dashboards.

    • 332993 – Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing
    • 541512 – Comp Sys Design Services
    • 541519 – Other Comp Related Services
    • 541611 – Admin & General Consulting
    • 541330 – Engineering Services
    • 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
    • 541618 – Other Mgmt. Consulting Services
    • 611430 – Professional and Mgmt. Development Training
  • Key Services:

    The LSA team has proven experience across most commercial sectors, and government:

    • Federal: USAF Research Labs (AFRL), US Navy Finance Mgmt. & Policy, US Army
    • State Dept of Transportation
    • Local Municipal / Utilities
    • Commercial Fortune 500 & mid-market (all industries)
  • Key partners and tooling expertise result in rapid, full-service UX/people, process, COE/governance design and solution enablement.

    Scaled Agile & Lean Portf Mgt // Digital IT Service Mgt // Agile Enterprise Architecture

    • Unique, proven Digital approach, with patent-pending tool-automated methods (e.g., LABI and GQM)
    • Experience-based digital accelerators (e.g., process & ITSM/ServiceNow) for rapid start
    • Staff includes veterans with decades of experience in government contracting and Fortune 500 consulting
    • Full-service, JCP/NIST compliant EA & Agile/LPM tooling
    • Agility-at-Scale/Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) tailored / fit-for-purpose training, coaching, and mentoring, including COE assessment / improvement and full-service agile tooling – including install, config & support (e.g., Jira / Align).
    • Digital IT Service Management (ITSM) & Governance for modern IT operating practices and ServiceNow preparation – such as Digital IT Operating Model, Federated ServiceNow architecture & governance design, ITSM assessment / COBIT-based agile IT process design, including tool customization.
    • Agile Enterprise Architecture (EA) for a service-led approach to solution design & lean investment planning, UX research, app/tech portfolio mgmt, business process improvement, cloud infrastructure recommendations & roadmap. Includes assessment / COE and full-service tool install/config & support (e.g., ARIS/Alfabet), with a leadership transparency GQM approach.
    • Digital Transformation QA / Rescue, a UX-driven approach that captures leadership’s key Digital Transformation value outcome expectations, then leverages key LSA Agile EA capabilities (e.g., modeling & dashboarding) to capture and report progress of new, existing / ongoing Digital efforts against expectations – with follow-up agile contracting services to improve outcomes.
  • Enterprise (AFRL/DCD) implementation and configuration/support of full-service EA software platform (ARIS) and modeling / live dashboard analysis for over 100+ processes and 350 applications, identifying 37 unique capabilities – 24 custom and 89% redundant across Enterprise standards were applied to the munitions directorate (AFRL/RW) to deliver over 50+ prioritized on-premise infrastructure component security recommendations, 100+ research applications analyzed, with a cloud infrastructure migration roadmap (e.g., CDS/MLS).

    Enterprise (AFRL/DCD) federated architecture & “community governance” approach to cost-effectively implement ServiceNow with maximum flexibility/autonomy. Enterprise standards were applied to munitions (AFRL/RW) as part of ITSM assessment and process design to save over 8000 hours of researcher time (over 3 years), reported in “Digital IT GQM dashboard” for leadership transparency.

    Enterprise (AFRL/DCD) agility-at-scale training, tool config and best practices were tailored for enterprise DCD, then applied to the low-maturity DCD digital modeling team — resulting in 83% adoption of agility practices, and 69% increase in completion of planned work. Agility-at-Scale standards were then applied to DCD/RW, reported in “Agility GQM dashboard” for leadership transparency across researcher and IT dev teams, with a “Digital Quad Enablement” product.


Maurice Wilson, Director - Federal Services
Maurice Wilson, Director – Federal Services

Contact Maurice to hear more about how you can accelerate government Digital transformation outcomes with Agile EA, Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Mgt, and Digital IT Service Management!