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Agile Enterprise Architecture (EA)

LSA’s Agile EA service offers a tailored and value-driven turnkey Enterprise Architecture based on a proprietary meta-model which is designed to deliver immediately actionable recommendations through UX optimized dashboards and – optionally – improvement of the organization’s Agile EA “Center of Excellence (COE)”, to help build the EA capability within your enterprise and sustain lean-agile process, application/technology portfolio management, infrastructure/cybersecurity and roadmap development activities with in-house talent.

  • Key Agile EA service offerings include:

    • Turnkey Agile EA “as a service” are a key part of the LSA Digital Formula for Digital transformation outcome delivery. LSA leverages its accelerator content and frameworks on its own cloud services – such as pre-defined COBIT and ServiceNow best-practice processes. 
    • Client Agile EA Center-of-Excellence (COE) assessment and improvement services – including training/mentoring, tooling, and governance process/automation improvement.
    • Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR)
    • Application/Technology Portfolio Analysis / Management
    • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Software AG ARIS/Alfabet installation, configuration, implementation, training and support

    Agile EA models, simulates and analyzes (MS&A) outcome intent across people, process, and technology.  Typical Enterprise Architecture investment planning is “upgraded” to Agile Enterprise Architecture through Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio investment techniques, helping to “chunk” and deliver more realistic solution roadmaps – including improvements to people/UX, processes, and technology investments. 

  • LSA has deep expertise with industry-leading Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Analysis tools through its partnership with Software AG (ARIS and Alfabet), to help implement lean, automated EA/BPA practices (at scale).  Integrating these tools with agile / lean portfolio tooling such as Atlassian Jira/Align “connects the dots” between EA and Agility.  This drives “one-stop shopping” benefits, aligning EA design intent (e.g., processes, technology investment options) with updated realistic “ground conditions”.  LSA Agile EA services integrates with other LSA Digital services all the way down to the tooling/execution level – for example,

    • Leveraging LSA Digital / IT Service Management to align Alfabet/ARIS Enterprise roadmap intent (future design state) to ServiceNow current-state CMDB inventory — allowing a sustainable, cost-effective ongoing service for application/technology portfolio management.
    • Leveraging LSA Agility-at-Scale / LPM to align agile lean portfolio planning (e.g., Jira Align) to future state roadmap intent, acknowledging that portfolio priorities change, and keeping technology options open to allow faster “pivoting”.

  • LSA leverages its full-service Agile EA tooling services and proprietary Goals, Questions, Metrics (GQM) method to provide on-demand metrics, providing real-time leadership transparency and insight into Digital goals progress. For example, EA dashboards for a key client can include customized:

    • Business Process Improvement – Process status, priorities and insights

    • Infrastructure /  Cybersecurity – Infrastructure technology component maintenance/refresh recommendations, prioritized by real-time security vulnerability severity:

  • Leaders and teams in enterprise architecture, IT, and business process management looking for streamlined governance, enhanced user experience, and integrated technology solutions will find LSA's offerings transformative. By implementing LSA's Agile EA practices, your enterprise can realize more agile investment planning, deliver more effective solution roadmaps, and maintain flexibility in rapidly changing environments.


Christo Lute, Director - Agile EA
Christo Lute, Director – Agile EA

Contact Christo to hear more about how you can accelerate Digital transformation with Agile EA, or modernize your own organization's EA COE!