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Enterprise Architecture

Our Modern Enterprise Architecture (EA) service improvements aim to redesign your EA capability to align with your organization’s policies and goals. By focusing on an “enterprise-first” approach, while still keeping agility at the forefront, we provide the perfect blend of robust planning and swift execution.

  • The focus of Modern Enterprise Architecture (EA) service improvements are to (1) Charter/design the EA capability to support organization policies and goals and (2) deliver side-by-side implementation of the services itself — from a people, practices, and tool/technology perspective.  These services focus on “enterprise-first” EA service development — in contrast, our Agile EA/BPM collaboration packs are “agile-first” — intended to apply a “minimum viable” mix of EA/BPM to real-life agile programs.  

    Although the focus of EA services are typically from the enterprise perspective, the “modern” emphasis on EA looks for opportunities to improve service agility (e.g., adoption of cloud technology and tailoring SDLC/Continuous Delivery Pipeline to utilize enhanced BPM for better Behavior-Driven-Development).

  • We prepare and position your organization’s EA service to provide maximum benefits to solution development — where speed and quality are emphasized (which program managers and business owners are typically concerned about).  At the same time, the core EA/BPM capabilities provide IT planning and technical debt relief, which IT folks are typically concerned about.  

  • Ready to align your organization’s goals with a modern, agile enterprise architecture? Let’s redefine your EA capabilities for optimal speed, quality, and planning. Work with Lean Scaled Architects to start your journey towards efficient and effective solution development today!

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