DOD – System Portfolio Value

  • Fast, risk-based system portfolio investment decisions with EA method & tools

    • Client: US Department of Defense
    • Sector: Defense (finance / audit)
    • Project: System audit readiness

    Client challenge

    Many systems duplicated between commands resulted in high cost and complex audit traceability.

    Needed to account for risks of “what could go wrong” with respect to compliance (new regulations), operations and security, and needed to account for audit-relevant information in the architecture, such as “how many open notice of findings are there against system XYZ?”.

    Needed to make the analysis “automatically repeatable” and easily maintainable, to account for system changes.

    Advisor insights

    Determined several types of analysis were needed: (1) redundancy/overlap, (2) system health vs. criticality, (3) process impact, (4) TIME chart (Tolerate, Invest, Maintain, Eliminate).

    Determined overall problem context and challenges by conducting stakeholder interviews. Prioritized key analysis areas, and prioritized systems of relevance for key analysis.

    Produced all outputs in a visual ”live” dashboard, using an easy-to-modify KPI based approach. Using Agile EA tools/infrastructure to “get started quickly”, developed baseline architecture (applications, capabilities, risks/controls, processes, audit findings). Collected and normalized application information in a central repository.

    Client results

    Identified system overlap using a consistent, rational approach

    Injected risk factors into decision making – in addition to typical “cost” / “criticality” assessments, this allows recommendations to take into account “what could go wrong”

    The qualitative analysis results provided a “data-driven” basis for next steps and opportunity analysis

    Supported holistic planning based on up-to-date, relevant information, and alignment/support of budgeting process

    Easy-to-maintain / modify assets were delivered that can “monitor” system portfolio landscape for changes and produce updated dashboards automatically

    The Project

    As part of an audit readiness assessment, the client wanted to analyze value vs. risk of system investments.  A multi-level analysis was done using Software AG ARIS/EA platform and our customized approaching, producing a “TIME” (Tolerate, Invest, Maintain, Eliminate) chart to clearly show which systems to invest, and which to retire (based on quantitative data analysis).