Case Study: DoD Research Labs – Enterprise Digital Transformation


Client:  US Air Force Research Labs

Sector:  Defense / Research

Program: Digital Transformation

LSA Applied its Digital Formula & Approach at US Air Force Research Labs - with live transparent results


Who & Why

Understand the organization’s goals, objectives, and typical user experience (UX) personas and pain points

A US DoD Research Agency needed to Digitally Transform, to deliver four key goals for its Scientist & Engineers: Faster Research, Better Decisions, Frictionless Bizops, and Streamlined Transitions. LSA applied its Digital Formula to deliver leadership-transparent results.

LSA conducted UX research and modeled existing “Faster Research” team interview pain points — to define key researcher, IT, and administrative persona types, and clarifying the needs of those personas.  Solving problems for key personas make progress towards the goals, objectives and key results (the “why”) – for example, in the research agency — frictionless bizops, faster research, and better decisions.


What, When & How 

Define, value-chunk and prioritize key roadmap investments and architect/design a Digital future state

LSA prioritized key roadmap investments by leveraging Agile Enterprise Architecture services to recommend, document and improve key processes, application portfolio rationalization & IT infrastructure improvements (e.g., cloud-based MLS/CDS solutions).  A Lean Portfolio Management Kanban approach was leveraged to chunk enterprise solutions  into small “epic experiments” — allowing for tactical 1-2 year portfolio-level agility.  

LSA architected and designed Digital IT / Service Management services, such as federated ServiceNow architecture, “community governance” approach, and processes (such as incident management) that yielded better IT services, synchronized to roadmap technology investment planning. For example, ITSM assessment and processes were designed to save over 7500 hours of researcher time (over 3 years).


Who, How & Where

Change the way people work by using more agile processes and tooling — with dashboards

Helped people change the way they work (e.g., researchers, software developers & embedded system engineers) by using a more agile approach – starting with the basics, such as chunking work and performing smaller experiments to learn and pivot faster.  For example, process and culture change, combined with training, coaching and installation/configuration of Jira/Align tools for a development team resulted in 83% adoption of agility practices, and 69% increase in completion of planned work.

Customized dashboards so leadership could get on-demand dashboard answers to investment outcome questions, such as – “We are halfway through 2024 planned investments — which teams have become more “agile”, chunking and delivering more outcomes?  Which processes have been optimized and actually implemented?  How much researcher time was projected and has actually been saved?”


CORE.GQM.Dashboard - Goal Impacts+ITSM projections2

LSA Digital Service outcomes are monitored with real-time dashboards measure progress against digital goals. For example, key outcomes were the design of ServiceNow processes to achieve over 7500 hours of researcher time savings (over 3 years) and providing transparent results to show agility adoption progress across various researcher and IT development teams.