DoD – EA CoE

  • EA CoE centralizes high-quality information for faster, better decision making

    • Client: US Department of Defense
    • Sector: Defense (finance / audit)
    • Project: EA CoE

    Client challenge

    • Excessive waste and duplication between commands (i.e. systems and processes)
    • Difficulty preforming audits because of de-centralized, out-of-date information
    • Difficulty planning IT landscape to align with priorities and budgeting process

    Advisor insights

    • Determined overall context and challenges by conducting strategy analysis and stakeholder interviews
    • Prioritized stakeholder needs and capability impacts, to determine highest-priority EA efforts
    • Using EA tools / infrastructure to “get started quickly”, developed basic EA methods, EA governance processes, and baseline architecture (strategy/business, information systems, data).
    • Installed permanent client EA Center of Excellence (CoE) by conducting end-to-end EA CoE services:  vendor selection, EA platform installation/integration, training, governance, value communication, operational “helpdesk” services.
    • Developed priority IT architecture segments to provide key analysis and IT roadmap planning services

    Client results

    • “Connect the dots” between various efforts (i.e. IT controls work, system interface work, process work, etc.)
    • Reduce inter-team ”call for information” every time a new analysis/audit-relevant information is needed
    • Increase accuracy and “reliability” of information, especially when efforts depend on other areas (“you can trust the information you’re looking at), and answer day-to-day questions in a friendly way (i.e. dashboards)
    • Support holistic planning based on up-to-date, relevant information, and align/support budgeting process

    The Project

    As part of an audit readiness program, the client wanted to reduce the “redundancy” of data between work streams, aligning processes, risks/controls, systems and data to help make more accurate decisions.  Additionally, it was desired to increase the transparency of “data quality” to contribute to more informed decisions (i.e. which systems to retire, which processes have the highest risk, etc.).

    We responded by analyzing BPA / EA tools in a selection process, then providing end-to-end EA CoE services including technical installation, training/adoption, governance, and customization to provide fast, relevant value for the client’s objectives.  A multi-workstream EA CoE was created to provide quality, on-demand service to audit readiness work groups.