Digital Transformation is Broken

Digital Transformation is broken.  According to a KPMG survey of 400 US tech executives (2023), 51% have not seen increased performance or profitability from digital transformation investments.  According to a McKinsey global survey (2023), 45% of value is lost during target setting/planning, 35% is lost during implementation, and 20% is lost after implementation.

We need a better way.  Real Digital Transformation needs more than just operating models and slide decks — it needs practical, prioritized execution, and leadership transparency into outcomes that are sustainable beyond implementation.

LSA delivers Digital outcomes as full-service transformation (including cloud tooling – we fish for you), as Agile / EA COE improvement (we teach you how to fish) and as QA/rescue of existing Digital efforts (we help your existing vendors catch more fish).

Learn more about how LSA delivers Digital outcomes using its fully transparent strategy-to-execution approach, with tight integration between its services — Digital IT/Service Management (ITSM)Agile Enterprise Architecture, and Agility-at-Scale/Lean Portfolio Management (LPM):

  • Better agility practices, e.g., resulting in 69% increase in completion of planned work
  • Optimized ITSM process design, e.g., saving over 7500 hours of researcher time over 3 years
  • Optimized application/technology portfolio for a better, more secure User Experience (UX)

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Lean more about how LSA's Digital Formula has been effective for delivering and sustaining integrated Digital transformation value.

Mike Idengren, Principal Lean Scaled Architects
Mike Idengren, Principal Lean Scaled Architects