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Understanding Context

By enhancing context, we eliminate barriers to collaboration. However, in the realm of digital business, it’s crucial to recognize that it encompasses more than just software and circuits. To truly establish a well-scaled context, relying solely on virtual meetings falls short.

  • It needs collaboration among diverse business, IT and risk/security experts to build customer-centric solutions that are desirable, feasible, sustainable, secure and compliant. Lean Scaled Architects helps people collaborate with better context, by helping improve the right combination of Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, and Scaled Agile solution development capabilities.

  • Teams in large programs frequently need access to “minimal but sufficient” business process and security/risk pre-approved technology documentation.  When that fails, developers rely on user stories & tests that might not reflect reality… causing risk/security requirements to “arrive late” because they weren’t well understood. Expensive, time-consuming meetings frequently occur with busy SMEs to re-create processes and IT standards that should already be documented… and easily accessible.

  • We do this using a Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe) “Solution Intent Repository” approach. This includes practices, training, and tool integration services to inject use of “minimal but sufficient” use of process models and risk/security/tech component modeling into the design process. For example, a developer may pick up a user story from JIRA, link back to two referenced processes in an EA/BPM system, and see relevant risks, IT security controls, and related tech components, tests, and code samples — all with #NoHeavyDocs!

  • Ready to enhance your collaboration and remove blockers with better context? Join us at Lean Scaled Architects and let's transform your digital business together! Dive into our innovative practices, benefit from our training, and enjoy our integrated tools. Say goodbye to heavy documentation and hello to streamlined, customer-centric solutions. Let's build the future, #NoHeavyDocs style!

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