Lean Portfolio Management for Investment Planning

Everybody “demands” something, but there are never enough investment funds to go around. In addition, investment priorities change, driven by current business/operational “ground conditions”, and IT investments frequently don’t keep up with business needs.

LSA advises a right-sized approach to Lean Portfolio planning, aligned to IT Service Management and Enterprise Architecture and enabled with integrated tooling services and training/side-by-side mentoring, delivering key benefits:

  • IT-demand integrated. Realistic, rapid outcomes to “cover the basics” – e.g., a right-sized “getting started” approach that delivers “agile basics”, combined with key elements of typical IT demand management planning

  • Adaptable to change. Prioritization of highest-value investments based on today’s ground conditions, instead of relying on a yearly budget cycle “crystal ball” approach

  • IT-architecture aligned. IT architecture & design alignment with chunked business priorities using an LSA-innovative “Lean, scaled IT capability chunking” approach

  • Value Stream alignment for People/Customers. A User Experience (UX) centric approach that helps clarify the value streams, based on the needs/pain points of end users / customers, not individual departments (i.e., “participatory budgeting”)

  • Leadership transparency. Enhanced leadership transparency with dashboard-level visibility into Objective and Key Results using LSA’s Agile Enterprise Architecture GQM approach

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Learn more about how LSA solves the shifting/mis-aligned business & IT investment priorities with an integrated, holistic approach.

Dani Linn, Director - Agility-at-Scale / LPM
Dani Linn, Director – Agility-at-Scale / LPM