What Is Blocking You?

We can help improve your digital business agility-at-scale based on “where it hurts” — with the right combination of training, advisory, and tool implementation services.

Agility Blockage: My speed-to-market is too slow, blocked by inflexible systems & policies​

We take an agility-first approach to improve context & collaboration among product designers and developers, working within existing enterprise Risk & IT “constraints”.  This is typically a path selected by small line-of-business teams that are trying to “do something now”, gain some credibility, and increase engagement with enterprise Risk & IT.  The goal is to improve context during solution design among business/IT/Risk folks, for better collaboration — resulting in fewer blockers, higher quality/risk/security compliance, and better control of technical debt.  For this to happen, there needs to be measured improvements across EA/BPM and Scaled Agile (e.g., SAFe framework training & implementation).  Our approach is to deliver incremental improvements over time, that can demonstrate real business value.

Quality / GRC Challenges: We have a testing process, but the tests don't seem to reflect "real life" (e.g., late security reqts)

We take a quality- and risk-first approach to understand product non-functional requirements (NFRs), especially related to priority risk and compliance concerns, and focus improvements on better risk/compliance transparency — helping teams have access for proper use and understanding of controls on the “front end”.  This results in higher risk and compliance on the “back end” (for example, fewer “late-arriving security requirements”).  This is done with BPM/EA/DevOps improvements, including training, practices and tool capability enhancements.

Cost Control: We are accumulating too much tech debt, with no end in sight (e.g., too many apps/tech)

We take an IT-centric approach to understand tech debt accumulation drivers, and take a two-fold Enterprise Architecture improvement approach:  (1) rationalize app/technology portfolio for near-term improvements and (2) advise changes to training, practices and tools to align products & business processes to technology, helping to quickly prioritize and fund more effective ongoing application portfolio management.

Lean-Agile Blocker Index (LABI)
Real agility improvement must balance speed, quality, and cost. The “Lean-Agile Blocker Index” (LABI) is a method and dashboard visualizers that collect information and depict a simple number:  the blockage of the continuous delivery pipeline (CDP) that prevents the successful delivery of products to market.