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Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Mgt

Is your organization maximizing its Agile potential and scaling effectively? Discover how LSA’s EA-integrated Agility-at-Scale and Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) services, from coaching to advanced tool integration, can elevate your team’s agility and optimize your investment planning outcomes.

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  • Agility-at-Scale/LPM principles and practices are fully integrated into all LSA service delivery methodologies. Additionally, LSA offers key Agility-at-Scale / LPM organization maturity improvement services such as:

    Agility improvement priorities are planned by leveraging an agility blockage assessment & realistic agile maturity roadmap. This captures agile maturity practices across teams and programs, adjusting for local context (some practices may be relatively more important than others).

    Recommendations for agile program management maturity improvement will include better processes/practices across tooling / integration, and people-enablement (e.g., optimal use of Jira/Align, or other agile program/portfolio mgmt. tools). This will typically also include getting teams started on the basics – such as role-based SAFe training, mentoring / day-to-day execution coaching, and work decomposition guidance (e.g., Epics, Features, and Stories, including domain-specific patterns for decomp acceleration). Advanced topics can include value stream identification and strategy, and scaling up to “teams-of-teams” (i.e., “Agile Release Train”).

    LSA also has key partnerships to help with culture change and leadership guidance/mentoring. LSA also helps to improve investment planning outcomes through better Lean Portfolio Management practices/processes and tooling – i.e., Kanban-style integration with EA investment roadmaps (epics) and IT Service Management “Demand Management” processes.

  • Organizations seeking to streamline their Agile processes and enhance cross-functional collaboration will find value in LSA's services. Teams looking to improve their Agile program management, from foundational training to advanced ‘teams-of-teams' strategies, will benefit from our comprehensive approach. Furthermore, leaders aiming for precise investment planning and improved delivery outcomes will gain from our Lean Portfolio Management expertise and tool integration guidance.


Dani Linn, Director - Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Mgt
Dani Linn, Director – Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Mgt

Contact Dani to hear more about how you can improve your organization's agility and/or lean portfolio management, or build your own Lean-Agile Center of Excellence!