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LSA Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Digital GRC. Easy, Scaled, and Assured.

In Digital Transformations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other “hot technologies” may get the headlines – but those in the “hot seat” need to effectively manage risk of new (or existing) Digital solutions.  Security is the typical example, but policies are needed to govern the risk related to finance, safety, data privacy and other domains (based on the organization’s area of operations).


Consistent Processes and Practices to Operate Compliance


Understand Uncertainty and Weaknesses


Adhere to Policies and Regulations

… but policies are just documents, until their intent is further detailed as lean business processes.  To ensure an “acceptable” level of compliance, and those processes are “enriched” with risk (and mitigating controls) needed to effectively define “where” risks occur, “how much” risk occurs, and “how much effort” is needed to control the risk.

Angry guy GRC

… but this can turn into a tangled web of hundreds of documents and references, that are difficult to follow, difficult to train to people, and difficult to maintain.  LSA leverages its Digital Transformation design capabilities to use a Model Based Solution Engineering (MBSE) approach to create easy-to-read, easy-to-train, and easy-to-maintain process & GRC content in an easy-to-use web-portal repository (e.g., using Software ARIS). 

AI and other “hot technologies” may get the headlines – but those in the “hot seat” need to effectively manage risk…


Using this MBSE approach allows for easy re-use of content and built-in QA, to help scale GRC & related processes for multiple departments / lines of business, and rapidly train thousands of people.  For compliance assurance / monitoring purposes, that repository of process & GRC models can be connected to GRC monitoring solutions, such as ServiceNow GRCARIS GRC or RSA Archer

LSA Agile GRC Approach

Not everything can be a priority, not even “100%” compliance.  Policies are enforced with controls (in the context of processes and technology), but the design and implementation of those controls (both automated and manual) can be complex and expensive.  LSA uses a lean, agile approach to start with the policies, and then (in context of lean processes) to define, quantify, “chunk and prioritize” the most important controls for implementation.

LSA works with its key partners technologies, such as ARIS for integrated Process & GRC design, and Alfabet for EA & IT solution design, and ServiceNow for GRC implementation & monitoring.

LSA leverages key accelerators and templates “ready to go” to deliver faster results – such as NIST controls, COBIT5 & ITIL processes, BPMN process standards and other frameworks.

Key Benefits

  • Highest-importance compliance outcomes first, by prioritizing relevant business processes, using a layered, agile approach – e.g., LSA advanced EA/ARIS tooling to analyze process will help determining which processes have the highest risk, and justify prioritizing 5% of processes to get 90% of the highest priority compliance assurance.
  • A UX-balanced approach to risk vs benefit analysis – for example, to highlight the “trade-offs” of excessive security/safety controls interfering with a great User Experience.
  • Rapid event-driven compliance service – for example, security breach compliance remediation — after a security breach, leadership wants to prevent future incidents. LSA leverages pre-existing process/GRC models and rapidly coordinates subject matter experts to define policies, processes, risk threshold analysis, and compliance monitoring.

Integrated Tooling for Fast, Relevant Insights, Web Collaboration & Prioritization

  • One-stop shopping for compliance improvement, with LSA Agile EA Tooling Services integration across business processes and compliance systems.
  • Comprehensive visibility into your organization's risk landscape, compliance status, and governance activities. Our intuitive dashboards and analytics provide real-time insights, empowering data-driven decision-making and enabling proactive risk mitigation.
  • Harness the power of data to proactively identify and manage risks — Our Agile GRC solutions offer advanced risk assessment capabilities, predictive analytics, and scenario modeling, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in an ever-changing business landscape.

Key Case Studies

LSA delivers these benefits by leveraging its integrated Digital service offerings and partner tooling systems, such as Software AG, ARIS and Alfabet. We have performed detailed configuration/customization of these systems – for example:

Configuring and implementing a custom, automated process

Our experience configuring and implementing a custom, automated process to record actions & process improvements against Notices of Findings and Recommendations (NFRs), directly in the BPM tooling platform (ARIS).

Architecting and managing the agile implementation

Architecting and managing the agile implementation of a large Internal Audit of the Future service improvement for an international conglomerate.


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Rosalyn Brown, Agile Governance, Risk & Compliance Expert
Rosalyn Brown, Agile Governance, Risk & Compliance Expert