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Scaled Agility + EA/BPM Services

SAFe Certified triangle

Scaled Agile EA/BPM improvement – one bite at a time

The goal is to improve context during solution design among business/IT/Risk folks, for better collaboration — resulting in fewer blockers, higher quality/risk/security compliance, and better control of technical debt.  For this to happen, there needs to be measured improvements across EA/BPM and Scaled Agile (e.g., SAFe framework training & implementation).  It can be a big task trying to make these improvements at the same time, so our approach is to deliver incremental improvements over time, that can demonstrate real business value.


Better context — for better collaboration, fewer blockers, higher quality/, risk/security compliance, and tech debt control.

Service Pack Bundles

These are outcome-driven services that contain other  advisory, training and implementation services as needed.

Plugin Services

These can be delivered standalone or as part of a service pack bundle.


Relevant structured training classes.  SAFe class registrations include exam fees.