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Agile Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Every organization has to design processes, but Agile BPI provides additional benefits: more flexibility, better prioritization, better User Experience (UX) alignment, and sustainable value beyond the “Big Digital Transformation” effort.

LSA’s Agile Business Process Improvement (ABPI) service helps to define, prioritize, document, analyze and optimize business architecture (with processes taking ‘center stage’), in two key contexts – delivering key outcomes for a “big Digital Transformation” effort, and sustaining value beyond “the big effort”.

...Everything can't be a priority -- Agile BPI value-chunks and prioritizes processes to consistently deliver value...

Agile BPI to Create Digital Transformation Outcomes

…in every organization, there is one consistent challenge: “everybody wants something, but there are never enough resources to go around”. Agile Business Process design is needed to define an IT Service Management Demand Management process that is connected to best-practice Lean Portfolio Management processes – because some of those demands will need additional investment funding, and those demand will need Agile Enterprise Architecture solution design processes, focused on providing a better, more secure User Experience (UX).

How it's Delivered

LSA can help deliver immediate Digital transformation value outcomes by providing Agile BPI as a service (“we fish for you”) — using LSA cloud systems, for immediate value delivery.

Agile BPI to sustain Business As Usual (BAU) value beyond the “big Digital Transformation”

Everything can’t be a priority — Agile BPI keeps up with changing ground conditions, value-chunking and prioritizing processes to consistently deliver value (instead of creating “pages of boxes and lines”). A permanent Agile BPI “Center of Excellence” (COE) capability improves process design, with people, tooling and governance processes to help make business processes lean, leveraged, communicated, and web self-service maintainable.

How it's Delivered

LSA can deliver ongoing, “Business As Usual” benefits (“we teach you how to fish”) — setting up, configuring and maintaining / supporting software services (e.g., ARIS, training people, side-by-side development of processes and business architecture).

Key benefits of Agile BPI services

Digital Transformation acceleration & User Experience enhancement

Dashboard-ready, customized process modeling, simulation & analysis (MS&A) insights to prioritize improvement efforts, yielding faster process optimization outcomes, accelerated with LSA’s UX Approach to focus on optimizing the right processes to achieve the highest priority UX improvements.

Better, faster solution designs

Process repository integration with IT solution planning systems (e.g., Alfabet) to put re-usable business processes “in context” of multiple target solution design options – helping to ensure business alignment, and consistency with approved business processes.

Lower risk & improved compliance

Process repository integration with GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) systems (e.g., RSA Archer) to provide end-to-end visibility into “how” processes are designed to effectively leverage controls to reduce risk.

Automated process generation

Process mining – “reverse-generating” process design from live running systems, automatically producing a “real life” current-state process starting point (instead of starting from a blank page) for summarized, decision-ready analysis & insights.

Automated self-service web portal

Customized process web portal, allowing even non-process experts to make quick contributions to process data, resulting in up-to-date processes for analysis metrics and day-to-day operational use. LSA leverages market-leading business process design & analysis tooling (e.g., Software AG ARIS), industry-ready reference model content, and automated dashboards to help prioritize and provide leadership transparency into process design outcomes.

...even with automation tools, developing business processes can be time consuming...

pic_process priorities dashboard_transparent

Leadership-transparent, UX-based process prioritization is an LSA Agile BPI accelerator – because even with EA/Business Process automation tools, developing business processes can be time-consuming, requiring input and collaboration among internal and external subject matter experts (SME)’s. For example, as part of LSA’s agile approach to process design, LSA analyzed all processes as they related to UX-surveyed pain points to answer “where does it hurt most?” and “which processes should be optimized first?”

LSA Agile BPI Methodology Highlights

  • Industry-leading technology.  Software AG’s ARIS – 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ leader in business process modeling, simulation, analysis, mining, collaboration, and dashboarding capabilities, including LSA’s integrations with Application Portfolio Management and IT service portfolio systems (e.g., Alfabet, ServiceNow).
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  • Domain standards & framework accelerators.  LSA proprietary & customizable ARIS meta-model refined over 15+ years of engagements, leveraging accelerator standards and frameworks such as NIST, ITIL, COBIT5, BPMN2, TOGAF9, DoDAF2, UML2 and others to rapidly accelerate a wide range of process / business architecture modeling scenarios.


Hari Mann, Agile Business Process Improvement expert
Hari Mann, Agile Business Process Improvement expert

Learn more about LSA’s Agile Business Process Improvement to maximize Digital Transformation value — including “after” the big project!