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About Us

LSA is Digital Transformation Done Right

The Story of LSA

Mike Idengren founded Lean Scaled Architects in October 2020. After years in consulting, Mike saw how businesses struggled to keep up with the pace of technology. So, he built LSA – a digital transformation firm that does things a little differently. From the start, Mike built LSA with a strong foundation of expert & KPMG-trained leadership, ensuring real-world expertise and a results-focused approach.

Our team brings a unique blend of backgrounds and expertise. We're ex-military, former Fortune 500 consultants, published authors, and more. This diversity fuels our collaborative approach, allowing us to tackle your most complex digital challenges with innovative and practical solutions.

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People + Process: Your Digital Success Formula

Is your technology holding you back? LSA can help you unlock its full potential. We go beyond just the technical side of digital transformation. Instead, LSA helps your teams work smarter, not harder, by breaking down projects into manageable pieces for faster results, prioritizing the most important tasks to keep you focused, and automating processes to save time and improve efficiency.

Our unique LSA Digital Formula ensures a smooth transition that delivers a better experience for your employees and customers. With our help, you'll lower long-term costs while creating a digital foundation that supports your business for years to come.

Together, let's turn your vision into a reality. With the LSA Digital Formula as our roadmap, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Agile People & Approach
Lean Process & Governance
Scalable Tech Investments
Secure User Experience
Full Lifecycle Costs
Reliable & Sustainable Business & IT Services

Meet our Team

Mike Idengren
Mike Idengren
Jim Baranoski
Jim Baranoski
Roland Woldt
Roland Woldt
Hari Mann
Hari Mann